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March 10, 2022

Sanjen Valley: A Piece of Heaven

The Himalayan district of Rasuwa is not far from the capital. The mountainous district, bordering Tibet, an autonomous region of China, is densely populated by the Tamang community and is heavily influenced by Buddhist culture.

Rasuwa has plenty of religious and tourist areas. Gosaikunda is a popular religious place of pilgrimage in the district. Along with this, Parvati Kunda, Surya Kunda, Kalika Mai’s temple, and other places are also important places for religious tourism.

Rasuwa is important not only for religious tourism but also for other tourist activities. Tourist areas like Sanjen Valley, Tatopani, Ghodatvela, Langtang National Park, Chandanwari, Dhunche, Syafrul are included in this district. Among these areas is Boko Haram, which has a high potential for tourism in the Sanjen Valley.

There is no doubt that if Sanjen Valley in Rashoda’s Chodingmo village can be promoted, it will become a good tourist destination. In 2076 BS, a study tour was conducted in collaboration with Amachhodingmo Rural Municipality, Rural Tourism and Environmental Education Society, Tourism Board, and Nepal Mountaineering Association for the promotion of the region.

The journey to the Sanjen Valley can be started from the capital Kathmandu. Starting from Kathmandu, the jeep reaches Rasuwa’s Malung. After about three hours uphill journey you reach Tiru village. On the way to Sanjen Valley, the first day’s stay is in Tiru village.

The locals have returned to the village to set up a homestay in the village which was vacated after the earthquake. If a homestay is established in Tiru village, which has good potential for tourism, it will also be convenient for pilgrims and foreign tourists visiting Gosaikunda. After about an hour’s walk from Tiru, ​​you reach Surchet village. There is a settlement of bonbos here.

The jhankris (shaman) here also treat Nepali and foreign tourists who fall sick on their way to Gosaikunda. According to Jhankri Sumpasing Tamang, he has been treating the pilgrims if they fall ill. He recounts his experience, “When I came to the place where I was, the condition of the foreigner was critical. I treated him and sent him away.” The foreigners were happy with my treatment and set out on their journey. ‘  In Surchet village, there is an opportunity to observe the Bonbo culture.

From here, it takes about 4 hours to reach Thulo Haku. Thulo Haku is a Tamang settlement. The locals are always ready to welcome the tourists coming to the village. Visitors from outside are served local delicacies, while the Tamang community dressed in costumes and welcomes the tourists by singing and dancing. Gatlang village is also known as ‘Black Village’.

Prior to the quake, the roofs of houses in the village were all covered with wood and stone. But after the earthquake of 2072 BS, during the reconstruction of the village, the village has become colorful. After walking uphill for about an hour from Gatlang, you reach Parvatikund. The local bonbos worship the pool as a religious belief. The fair is held on the full moon of Bhadau at Parvati Kund at an altitude of 2,592 meters above sea level.

On the way, looking at the cheese-producing industry, flirting with Yak shepherds, through the forest road should entertaining. You can stay in the forest of Jongwui at an altitude of 3393 meters above sea level by observing the scenic views of Yak cowshed, forest road, and its surroundings.

There are no tea houses here. So tents, food and accommodation should be arranged in advance. This is followed by Tenzo Jarsa. From Jarsa, one can reach Pangsur U by crossing Khurpu Bhanjang and crossing the uphill road for about seven hours.

Pangsur U is about 3,775 meters above sea level. On the sixth day of walking from Kathmandu, the Yakra Pass is reached at an altitude of 4,171 meters above sea level. Herds of sheep are found on the journey. That day, you reach Jayasur Kharka at an altitude of 4,243 meters. On the seventh day of the journey, Jayasur Kunda is reached from Khurpu. Jayasur Kund and Gosaikund are considered as sisters.

Jayasur Kund, situated at an altitude of 4,500 meters above sea level, lies between Sanjen Valley and Ruby Valley. As the water level in the pool dwindles, local youths have resorted to promoting it as a tourist destination. On the seventh day you reach Rimlang by playing in the snow.

Rimlang is 4,825 meters above sea level. On the eighth day of the trek from Kathmandu, the trekkers proceed from Rimlang and cross the Chhupchhungla Pass at an altitude of 4,602 meters. There is even a risk of avalanches due to snowfall. After descending for about three hours observing the beautiful scenery from Chhupchhungla Pass, you come to some flat land. This flat land is Sanjen Valley.

On the eighth day of walking from the capital Kathmandu, you reach Sanjen Valley. Sanjen means ‘heaven’ in the local language. Anyone who reaches this valley feels that he has reached heaven. The fatigue of walking for more than a week disappears. Sanjen Valley lies between Tibet and Ruby Valley. Sanjen Valley, located at an altitude of 4100 m above sea level, is also the base camp of Sanjen Himal.

The height of Sanjen Himal is 6,550 meters above sea level. The mountains can be clearly seen from the grasslands of Sanjen Valley. This beautiful scene is heartwarming. The area is also famous for herbs. Here, you can find invaluable herbs too. Sanjen Valley, which falls within the Amachheding Rural Municipality, is a potential area for development as a tourist destination. However, due to lack of roads and publicity, tourism activities in the region have not been able to increase.

Lately, the rural municipality has been trying to promote mountains like Ganesh Himal, Sanjen Himal, Paldor Peak as well as religious and tourist sites like Ghale Durbar, Goshaikund and Parvatikund. If the Sanjen Valley can be promoted, it will add a new tourist destination not only to the region and Rasuwa, but to the country as a whole. Those who enjoy wandering will get to experience an important and beautiful place.

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