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March 29, 2022

‘Cycling’ in Panauti to promote tourism 

Kavrepalanchok. To promote tourism, Panauti Municipality has started adventure sports cycling in the tourist areas of Fulchowki and Nagidanda.  

The adventure game was organized from Fulchokidanda, the highest tourist spot at ward no-1 of the city to Nagidanda in ward no. 2. About 200 riders from Nepal, Canada, and India cycled on the Fulchowki Tower Mountain Bike Trail organized by the municipality.

Cycling was inaugurated by Geeta Banjara, Deputy Chief of town.  “The destination is open for cycling, for which the tourism board has even launched a campaign,” Banjara said.

Mayor Bhim Neupane said that the trail is also suitable for hiking as it is close to the capital, which will increase the attraction of internal and external tourists.

According to him, Panauti has entered into ‘agro-tourism, adventure tourism’ along with religious, historical, and cultural activities. The government has also included it in the list of tourist destinations due to its scenic beauty, physical and natural beauty.

Last September, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) had launched a program to promote the historical and tourist area of ​​Panauti, which is in the process of being inscribed on the World Heritage List.

For this, the NTB has also made public the leaflets recognizing the historical heritage and tourist sites within the municipality. The board has concluded that the scenic view of the beautiful hills, fields, and snow-capped areas of the city area is a beautiful place to provide pleasure to both internal and external tourists.

Stating that Panauti is a suitable place for adventure tourism, the board said that there are sports like paragliding and rock-climbing for recreational activities.

Mayor Neupane said that the board has given priority to the historical and tourist sites of Panauti in publicity with the active participation of the Panauti Tourism Committee.

Panauti-Namobuddha Hike, Balthali Eco-Trail (Low-Land Trek), Sanga-Panauti Hike (Community Hike), Gurdum-Mahabharat Hiking, Mountain Bike (around Fulchowki), Bird Watching (Bird Sightseeing), Yoga Retreat, Community and Homestay, Tamang cultural trekking route, are worthwhile to visit.

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