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March 30, 2022

135 climbers seek permission to climb 12 mountains

Kathmandu. The pressure of climbing is expected to increase in the spring of this year. With the start of the climbing season, tourists have started seeking permission for mountaineering.

As of Tuesday, 135 people from 18 climbing teams have taken permission to climb 12 mountains. According to the Department of Tourism, there are 103 males and 32 females seeking permission.

A statement issued by the department states that Rs 35.8 million has been collected from them. As of Tuesday, 25 people have taken permission to climb Annapurna 1, the highest mountain. Nine people, including six men and three women, have taken permission to climb Mt. Everest.

Climbing was discontinued last year due to the Corona epidemic, but last year the number of climbers was more focused on Mount Everest.

However, the number of tourists coming for mountaineering and trekking is expected to increase this year as the ban containing Covid-19 has been lifted in Nepal.

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