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March 31, 2022

Water tourism in Kaligandaki to generate income

Rampur. Rampur Municipality has given priority to the issue of connecting locals with income generation by developing water tourism in Kaligandaki river.

The municipality has made efforts to highlight the possibility of earning a living by raising the glory and dignity of Kaligandaki, which is being overshadowed even though there is enough potential like the nearby shrine Hela.

Mayor Raman Bahadur Thapa said that the ‘River Guide Technical Training’ has been started with the objective of connecting the river with tourism and conducting commercial voyages (river rafting) to connect the locals of the lower coastal areas with income generation and also to motivate them to save the importance of the river.

 Suitable for family cruises, the river has been used for commercial development and tourism development as well as income generation. The training has been conducted by Rampur Municipality under the Sustainable Tourism Project for the revival of livelihood.

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