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April 8, 2022

French climber Marc in search of safer route to Everest

Photo: AFP / Prakash Mathema.

  • Ramesh Lamsal

Kathmandu. People around the world know Nepal as the land of Mount Everest. For many, climbing the highest peak seems like a dream come true. Some of them have successfully climbed it and some are looking forward to a successful journey in the coming days.

The flight to Everest, which looks like a piece of heaven, has become a reflection of courage in itself. It is not easy to measure the height of Mt. Everest as much as people are excited. Because of the glaciers, many people have to end their lives there.

As much as there is an attraction in the mountains, there is also pain and suffering. But the successful wait for the ascent is still waiting for many adventurers. From 13-year-olds to 80-year-olds have reached the pinnacle of success.

Some climbers have set records by climbing at high speeds, while others have reached Mount Everest without oxygen. One climber even set a record by paragliding after reaching Mt. Everest, while a couple has a record of getting married. Hundreds of records related to Mount Everest are being set. It will be made in the coming days as well.

But safe climbing and returning safely is another important thing in itself. Many climbers have fallen asleep in the snow without being able to tell their family, relatives, and friends the height of success measured by reaching the summit. Climate change is causing temperatures to rise in the mountains.

Glaciers are melting. Khumbu Glacier is one of the longest glaciers in the world. This glacier has not allowed those who went climbing Mt. Everest to come back. French climber Jean-Marc Bobin set the record for the first paragliding from Mount Everest in 1998.

The courage shown by Nepali Sherpas in climbing Mt. Everest has been praised all over the world. Sherpas are also considered a symbol of faith and hard work.

The name of the Nepali Sherpa community has been known to the world since the first successful ascent of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. Pasang Nuru Sherpa, who has been credited with many successes in recent days, has a new responsibility this time around.

Climbing a mountain is not a difficult task for him. On Thursday evening, they met at a program aimed at reviving Nepal’s tourism sector.

At this time, he is about to make a mission to Mount Everest successful by the French climber and Mark Buttard, who loves Nepal very much. Pasang and Mark Battard are working together to make the road safer for those who want to climb Mt. Everest.

The subject of climbing is becoming important in itself, on top of that it is equally important to go and come safely. They are constantly working to give concrete form to the same work. Spring has begun. The responsibility of restoring the tourism industry, which is being invaded by the mountains and corona, has also become an important issue at this time.

He says he will be allowed to climb commercially once the route identified by the group, including Mark, is found to be less risky. According to the Department of Tourism, which has issued permits for mountaineering, 176 people have so far applied for the world’s highest peak of 8848.86 meters.

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