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April 19, 2022

Cycle route connecting Ghodepani-Pyaribarahi Lake comes into operation

Myagdi: A cycling road connecting Annapurna Rural Municipality-6 Ghodepani of Myagdi to Pyaribarahi Lake in Ward No. 7 has come into operation.

To extend the stay of tourists, which has been shortened along with the road expansion, Pyaribarahi Lake has been made a subsidiary destination and a cycle path has been operated in the forest of Rhododendron.

Chairman of the Annapurna Rural Municipality, Damba Bahadur Pun, said that they are engaged in infrastructure construction and publicity by identifying bicycle routes to prolong the stay of tourists and guests.

On the occasion of the New Year, a team of 14 people from Pokhara Cycle City reached Ghodepani by bicycle. A team led by Dharmasingh Lamichhane, a joint secretary of the city, who had reached Pyaribarahi Lake on a bicycle inside the forest of Rhododendron, has returned to Pokhara.

Lamichhane said that one can go to Ghodepani on the top of the hill by bicycle. “The attraction here is to be able to ride a bicycle while looking at the mountains in the background in the forest of Rhododendron,” he said.

Lamichhane suggests that local hoteliers could arrange for tourists to rent bicycles. Sushil Pun, chairman of the Consumers’ Committee, said that a bird-watching spot and a stable for tying horses have been built on the road connecting Ghodepani-Pyaribarahi Lake identified by the municipality.

“A bird-watching spot has been set up at Kalisar, a flat plain in the middle of the dense forest of Rhododendron,” he said. Similarly, a stable has been constructed at Bhalkhara for tying horses for tourists.

There is a large Rhododendron.  forest in Ghodepani and Pyaribarahi areas. The forest is home to wildlife including scarecrows, deer, leopards, and squirrels. This trail is also attractive in terms of biodiversity. From Ghodepani, tourists can go to and from Pyaribarahi Lake by horse and bicycle.

Lake Pyaribarahi in the middle of the forest has religious and tourist potential. The shadow of the mountains can be seen on the lake. A festival is held with the belief that if one worships here on Janaipurni festival, one’s aspirations will be fulfilled.

The lake, which is about 200 meters long and 100 meters wide, is attractive. According to the locals, a bird picks up the leaves that fall into the lake and throws them away.

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