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April 24, 2022

Chimpanzees for observation for the first time 

Kathmandu: The Jawalakhel-based Sadar Zoo has organized a press conference here and made public a pair of chimpanzees named Champa (female) and Chimpu (male).

It is a rare species of wildlife. The chimpanzee, which was brought illegally four years ago, was rescued by the Central Bureau of Investigation in September, 2074 BS and handed over to the Sadar Zoo.

On the occasion, Secretary at the Ministry of Forest and Environment Prem Narayan Kandel and Member Secretary of the National Nature Conservation Fund Sharad Chandra Adhikari also inaugurated the newly constructed chimpanzee house at the zoo premises.

Raji Rana of Raji Rana Trust has provided guardianship of the animal by providing Rs. 1 million annually. The natural habitat of this animal found mainly in Africa is riverside, grassland, forest and bush. Its average weight is 40 to 60 kg.

It eats fruits, tree bark, seeds and flowers. Its gestation period is eight months and its age is found to be 45 years. Rachna Shah, chief manager of the zoo, said that the attraction of chimpanzees has increased as soon as they are kept.

There are 1,068 animals of 110 species in the zoo. The main attractions are tigers, bears, leopards and red pandas. Of those species, 33 are mammals, 61 are birds, eight are amphibians and 17 are fish. Of the 38 endangered wildlife listed as endangered in Nepal, 15 are on display at the zoo.

Now, when you go to the zoo, you don’t have to wait in line to buy tickets like before. Arrangements have been made to buy tickets online in advance. Arrangements have been made to buy tickets through the zoo’s website.

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