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May 20, 2022

Tonni Nasa (Tangting) meaning fun village

  • Anita Gurung 

Tonni Nasa (Tangting Village), a two-hour jeep ride from the tourist capital Pokhara, is as fun and luring as the name implies.

Hardly, will there be anyone who will not love to visit this village once they visit it which is decorated with all stone as well as copper roofs, representing a unique cluster of Gurung village from where the glittering snow chains in front of the eyes and smiling faces of people will keep you spellbound.

That is why, before Tangting, the name of this village was Tonni Nasa in the local Gurung language. It is located at an altitude of 1,660 meters above sea level.

Lately, this village has started to leave a different mark on the tourists. Tangting, which has earned a reputation as an attractive tourist destination, is only 21 km away from Pokhara.

The village, which is home to 95% Gurung and 5% Dalit communities, has historical, religious, natural, and cultural sites that attract tourists.

From here, one can go to Kholasovanthar, the place where the Gurung civilization developed, while Krapu Danda is another attraction.

Tangting Madi is also a ward connected to the northeastern border of the municipality, Lamjung, and Manang, and occupies the largest area of ​​the municipality. Krapu Danda, the head of Tangting, is at an altitude of 3,085 meters, which is about an hour’s jeep ride from the village.

It is believed that the Gurungs first came from Kholasonthar and settled in a place called Kudi Cho. There are even ruins of a settlement many years old. This site of archeological significance hundreds of years ago has not yet been excavated.

After reaching Krapu Danda, the mountain ranges collide with Nakai in the north, while various villages of Lamjung in the east-south, Pokhara city in the south, and Sikles of Kaski in the south-west.

In winter, the place is crowded with people playing in the snow and a test flight for paragliding has already taken place.

Prakash Gurung, a tourism engineer and principal of Himalaya Milan high school, said that proper publicity is needed to make Tangting village an excellent destination for rural tourism, which is rich in natural and cultural beauty.

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