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May 26, 2022

Where is accommodation for tourists in Khaptad? 

Doti. The eight logistic buildings that are supposed to be constructed for the convenience and comfort of tourists in Khaptad National Park, a major tourist destination in the far western region, have not been completed even after two years.

The construction of the building started two years ago to accommodate at least 150 tourists but it has not been completed yet. Stating that the construction would be completed within seven months, the park had started the contract process for the construction of eight buildings based on prefab technology in December 2076 BS.

The contract of TDR & BG JV for the construction of three buildings at Beechpani and five near Khaptad Barracks was approved by the contractor company in 2076 BS.

After the contractor company failed to complete the work on time due to various reasons, the Department of National Parks extended the contract agreement till 2078 BS.

Conservation Officer of Khaptad National Park Gopal Ghimire said that the contractor company has not seen any change in the construction of the building even after the extension till April.

Khaptad National Park

The Khaptad region is one of the most potential tourism regions in Nepal where easy access through roads and flights could make it a tourist hub like Pokhara near Kathmandu.

However, the federal government and provincial governments are yet to give priority to the development of tourism infrastructures here.


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