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June 5, 2022

This is how the black box of Tara Air was retrieved 

Kathmandu: Aang Norbu Sherpa, president of the Nepal National Mountain Guide Association, came to know about the search and rescue operation after the Tara Air plane went missing last Sunday.

He was in Shivpuri at that time. He immediately provided the information to the technical director of the organization Narendra Shahi and asked for coordination. (Watch the video on how Tara Air was discovered and rescued).

Shahi immediately contacted experienced international-level mountain guides affiliated with the association, planned, and headed to the scene.

“As soon as we got the news, we made a plan and went to the scene through Pokhara,” he said. “Our wish is that such a tragic incident does not happen. But we are always ready to use the skills we know to search and rescue. ”

The same team of guides coordinated and led the search for the location of the shipwreck, the exhumation, and the search for the black box, which was considered important in the shipwreck. “This is the case with Tara Air. We have been in search and rescue for a long time now,” said Sherpa.

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