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June 10, 2022

Tourist activity increasing in Bandipur

Krishna Neupane

Damauli. Homestays operated in Bandipur, a popular tourist destination of Tanahu, have become the choice of domestic tourists.

The Bandipur community housing operated in Bandipur rural municipality is currently experiencing an increase in the number of domestic tourists. Dil Kumari Rana, the chairperson of the Bandipur Community Housing Management Committee, said that the number of tourists has increased in the community houses operated in Bandipur after the risk of Covid-19 decreased.

“Tourism in Bandipur had come to a standstill for a long time due to the infection of Covid-19,” he said. He said that most of the tourists visiting Bandipur prefer to stay at home stays. The number of tourists visiting the house on Friday and Saturday is higher than on other days.

“On those days, we are ready to welcome guests, we have to prepare for their reception,” said Rana. According to him, the tourists who stay at the homestay for only one day stay not only for one day but also for the second day.

Tourists staying at the house are welcomed in the evening and bid farewell on their departure. “When you stay at a homestay, guests feel like they are in a family atmosphere. When you stay at a hotel, you probably don’t get to experience that,” he said.

According to Raju Bania, former chairman of the Bandipur Community Housing Management Committee, the houses are overcrowded during the tourist season. He said that even in the off-season, guests used to come in groups.

“Arrangements will be made to accommodate the group of tourists in all the houses here,” he said. Hari Poudel, who came from Pokhara to stay at the homestay, said that he was happy to see the hospitality of the homestay.

Secretary of the Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, Basanta Poudel, informed that the number of domestic and foreign tourists has increased in Bandipur.

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