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June 12, 2022

Hiking route increase Thami’s income 

Words and pictures: Jeevan Lama 

Clean, lush green, and suitable weather. And then comes the direct breeze from Gaurishankar Himal, the melody of birds makes the atmosphere musical.

According to the season, the Rhododendrons are in full bloom and there are 44 types of orchids in one place. The experience feels like climbing a mountain from the Terai.

This is not a fictional story. Dolakha’s Bhimeshwar municipality ward no. 1 is a description of the fun experience of the journey from Rangrangthali to the view tower.

The Bhimeshwar Municipality has built a hiking trail with the objective of making domestic tourism a place of choice, now walking from Rangarangthali to the View Tower has become not only easy but also the choice of many.

The Bhimeshwar Municipality has built the hiking trail (footpath) with the help of USAID’s Nepal-Disaster Risk Management Project. With the construction of resting places and toilets at various places including footpaths with the objective of helping in the promotion of tourism in the region, the number of people visiting, taking photos, and making tickets has increased from Rangrangthali to View tower.

Engineer Suresh Raut of Bhimeshwar Municipality says that this footpath is different from other areas and the weather attracts the minds of those who come to Morning Walk. Raut has the experience of being a suitable place for morning walk and evening walk with the melody of birds, different species of plants, and flowers that bloom according to the season.

The footpath has been constructed for the promotion of domestic tourism, says Kamala Basnet, Deputy Chief of Bhimeshwar Municipality. “This footpath can be considered as the best and exemplary footpath not only of Bhimeshwar Municipality but also of the entire Dolakha,” said Basnet.

Now, not only the locals of Dolakha but also those who come to visit Dolakha from outside have started to choose the footpaths. The locals expect the visitors to taste the dishes of the Thami ethnic community and the same income will help them in earning a living.

Kamala Basnet, deputy chief of Bhimeshwar municipality, says that she will provide necessary assistance for the operation of tea shops and restaurants around the homestay and footpath.

According to Deputy Chief Basnet, the footpath (hiking trail) has been constructed to provide some relief to the Thami community who lost their livelihood after the earthquake.

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