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June 19, 2022

Operation of 49 hotels in Dhulikhel

  • Rajkumar Parajuli
Kavrepalanchok. There are 49 hotels in Dhulikhel, both big and small. It is stated that Rs. 8 billion 225.3 million has been invested in these hotels so far.

A total 49 hotels in Dhulikhel have directly employed 992 people. Dhulikhel is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the federal capital Kathmandu.

The regional hotel association has stated that Rs. 184.5 million has been spent annually on the manpower working in the hotels in Dhulikhel.

According to the association, out of the Rs 8.5 billion invested in hotels in Dhulikhel, Rs 2.48 billion has been invested by banks.

Hoteliers here pay Rs. 133.5 million to the state and Rs. 32.75 million to Dhulikhel. Association President Pramakantha Makju Shrestha informed that the hotel in Dhulikhel has 1,745 beds in 972 rooms.

Belprasal Shrestha, the founding chief of Dhulikhel town, said that large and convenient hotels are being built in Dhulikhel as there is more potential in the tourism sector in terms of sanitation and tourist arrivals.

He says, “Dhulikhel has a lot of potential for tourism. The hotels here have made history.” His Himalayan Horizon Hotel was the hotel of choice of the late King Birendra Birvikram Shah.

According to the association, there are 124 hotels in the district. There are 42 hotels in Nagarkot, 10 in Banepa, 7 in Panauti, 5 in Namobuddha, 3 in Panchkhal, and 8 in Dolalghat.

Dhulikhel has seen an influx of internal and external tourists in the district for the last few months after there was no covid-19 in the district, said the association.

Dhulikhel, which has become a member of the Asia-Pacific Region, has been providing information on local and province-wide publicity and tourism-related activities at the local, province and central levels, said Mayor Vanju.

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