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July 3, 2022

Ilam tea garden hand lures domestic tourists  

  • Tika Khatiwada
Mangalbare. There is nothing new to attract tourists or observe. But the need to be new and separate is confirmed by the tourists who go to see the hand-built near Ilam Bazaar.  

A ladder is made on the wrist of the hand raised vertically from the ground. The crowd seems to be taking pictures from the ladder. The hand was built at a place called Labhadanda in the Ilam tea garden near Ilam Bazaar.

This place is also considered historic for tea garden. This place is also considered as historic as it is the first place where tea is planted in Nepal. Of course, hand building is not the only thing here. Tourist infrastructure has also been constructed and made attractive.

Tourists come here to see the historical tea garden and the beautiful greenery. Also, Nepal’s first tea factory is nearby. In order to promote domestic tourism, infrastructure has been constructed for the convenience of tourists visiting Ilam’s Tea Plantation, which has a history of tea cultivation.

The Ilam Municipality has built the first tea plantation and factory area in Nepal for the entertainment of tourists. More and more tourists are coming here after the construction of the hand-in tea garden.

Tourism infrastructure is being constructed in the open area inside the tea plantation.  The municipality has been constructing tourist infrastructure to prolong the stay of tourists in the tea garden area.

The spokesperson of the municipality Nutan Dev Dulal said that the municipality will move ahead with its plan in the coming days as the tourism sector should also be developed for the development of the city.

In the tea garden area, tourists, market dwellers, civil servants, and other people go here daily for morning walks and evening walks. An open gym house has been set up targeting them.  The municipality plans to promote domestic tourism by identifying open spaces in the garden area and constructing tourism infrastructure and open gym houses to develop the habit of visiting the municipality.

The number of tourists visiting the tea plantation has increased after the municipality built tourism infrastructure including an open gym house. The construction of new and attractive centers has also increased the number of tourists here. Ilam is known as a tourist district.

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