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July 11, 2022

Tourists to get local gifts in Lumbini

Kathmandu: Tourists visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, will now be given local gifts. The local community will produce and distribute gifts targeted at tourists.

The preparations have been made after the provincial government and tourism entrepreneurs provided financial and technical assistance to the locals of Lumbini in the production of gift items reflecting Buddha art, literature, and culture.

The Lumbini Cultural Municipality has stated that the gifts produced in this way will be sold and distributed to tourists.

Sajruddin Musalman, chief of the Lumbini Culture Municipality, said that the people of Lumbini would be economically and socially stronger after the Buddha-related items sold and distributed in Lumbini are produced locally.

Tourists visiting Lumbini will benefit after the residents of Lumbini Cultural Municipality start making gift items using the soil and water of the holy Lumbini. This will promote Lumbini.

In collaboration with the Lumbini Provincial government and the Lumbini Hotel Association, they have been taught to make various gift items using the soil and water of the Buddha’s birthplace.

According to the Lumbini Development Fund, it is possible to produce Buddha gifts after the Tourism Division Office, Rupendehi, under the Ministry of Tourism, Rural and Urban Development, Lumbini, imparted the training to the locals. Govinda Gyawali, president of the Lumbini Hotel Association, said that the skills were taught as gift items made using Lumbini’s soil and water were more important around the world.

Gyawali informed that various creations will be made by shaping the soil and water of Lumbini. That is why they have been taught to make gifts by bringing skilled craftsmen from Kathmandu and other places. Along with this skill, the locals of Lumbini have also got the opportunity to become self-employed.

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