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August 2, 2022

Doti’s attractive waterfall

Doti: The attractive face of the water falling from above, the green forest around, the chirping sound of the birds above it, who would not be captivated by such a beautiful sight?

In this way, a beautiful gift of nature, a unique and attractive waterfall is located in Jorayal Rural Municipality-2 Chatiwan. Recently, the waterfall has been developed as a major center of tourist attraction.

Nowadays, this waterfall has become a major choice for domestic and foreign tourists. Local residents say that not only those within the district but now people from all over Far West Province have started coming to enjoy this waterfall.

Rohit Bohra, a local resident of Jorayal Rural Municipality-2, Pattada, said that the number of tourists coming to enjoy and observe the waterfall is increasing day by day.

Some time ago, the Chhativan Tourism Promotion and Conservation Development Committee had arranged paragliding and canoeing for tourists in waterfalls.

In order to attract tourists to Chhahara area, the current Minister of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, Prem Bahadur, has made various budget allocations from the Tourism Board and the work has been carried forward, and now hundreds of people are coming here every day to enjoy themselves, said another local resident, Siddha Jethara.

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