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August 19, 2022

‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’ coming again to Janakpurdham

Kathmandu. The ‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’ carrying Indian tourists is about to arrive at Janakpurdham for the second time on August 27.

After the regular train service on the Jayanagar-Janakpur-Kurtha railway line was started, the ‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’, which carried around 600 Indian tourists for the first time on June 23, is about to bring a large number of Indian tourists for the second time.

Indian religious tourists are coming to Janakpurdham for the second time through this train service which will be operated on the Ramayana Circuit at the initiative of Niranjan Kumar Jha, General Manager of Nepal Railway Company Limited.

In his continuous initiative to bring Indian tourists to Janakpurdham from cities including New Delhi, the capital of India, General Manager Jha informed that the ‘Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train’ is coming to Janakpurdham for the second time on August 27, 2022.

According to General Manager Jha, the “Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train” which is coming in coordination with the Indian Embassy, ​​will carry around 600 Indian tourists and the tourists will visit various religious places of Janakpurdham on that day.

In each compartment of the train, there is a picture showing Indian monuments, dances, dishes, costumes, festivals, flora and fauna, yoga, folk art, etc.

To promote various heritage sites listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as well as various modern architectural marvels of India, the exterior of the train has been decorated with pictures of ancient Buddhist and Mughal structures such as the Statue of Unity of Gujarat, the National Bar Memorial of Delhi, etc.

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