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September 7, 2022

Spectacular skydiving in front of Everest

Skydiving in front of the world’s highest mountain in the world -Mt Everest perhaps- is going to be the most exciting, unique, amazing, and incredibly spectacular aerial daring adventure in your life if you spare your time, little money, and travel plan to visit Nepal.

This exciting and breathtaking venture will certainly officer you the total 360-degree view of the massive Himalayan ranges of peaks, greenery, shimmering snow lakes, glaciers and panoramic glimpses of natural beauty and heritages in Nepal spread across the snowy Himalayas where abominable Yet also lives in peace.

Skydiving is indeed an extremely incredible aerial daring sport possible in Nepali Himalayans which is done from a plane or Helicopter during the flight. The highest drop zone includes Gorak Shep and Kala Patthar areas.

The free fall takes you across the world’s highest mountain peaks that beckon you toward them and allure you to revisit them next time without a fail.

Yes, of course, if you are just a novice and want to make your debut, just visit Pokhara and attempt this venture around Mt Annapurna and Fewa lake. Do not worry or fear. The experienced pilots will take care of your protection during your skydiving.

Once you are in, you would love to do it again and again in life. In fact, Nepal has many more adventures, excitements, and blessings to give you which would be far more incredible, sporting, and adventurous than what Switzerland can offer.

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