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September 11, 2022

Ox cart driven cultural tour in Nepal

Nepal is well known in the world as the land of melting pots of many cultures, traditions, and heritage. It was primordially inhabited by indigenous hill tribes such as Gurung, Magar, Rai, Limbu, Tamang, Newari, Thakali, Sherpas, etc long before the 10- 12th century.

The hill peoples’ ancestors like Mahispal and Gopal used to rule inside the Kathmandu valley. These ruling clans were later defeated by the Kirant rulers, who ruled over Nepal from Kathmandu valley for 29th generations.

It was during the rule of Kirant that the temple of Pashupatinath was erected and worshiped as the main deity of Kiranties. That is why Pashupatinath is also known as Kiranteswor. Later, this era began the era when most of the hills were divided into smaller principalities known as Biase and Chaubines rule in Nepal during which also many of the kingdoms of Gurungs, Magars, and Rais were independent.

However, later on, when late King Prithvi Narayan Shah annexed all such small principalities into current Nepal it unified Nepal with its hill and terai regions. With the unification of Nepal, the ruling class of Chettris (Khas)and Brahmins emerged as the most powerful due to their vital contribution during the unification process.

The hill people are usually animistic in religious practices while the Brahmin and Chhetries are  Hindus.

The people of terai are known as Madhesis though the term “Madhesi” came into existence much later in Nepali terminology. The people of Tarai usually have their cultural and linguistic affinities with India, yet they belong to Nepal bonafide Nepalese.

Here you can enjoy the ox cart-driven cultural tours of several touristic areas of Madesh such as Janaki temple among others. You can observe various ethnic diversities here. You will meet with Muslim people who profess Muslim as their religion. Driving through the muddy lanes of the village in the Tarai will give you a different outlook on life.

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