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September 22, 2022

Gaighat waterfall lures tourist

Kathmandu: The Gaighat waterfall at the confluence of Galkot and Tarakhola in Baglung is becoming a center of tourist attraction.

The beauty of this waterfall, which always flows with its crystal clear water waves, looks the same every time. The waterfall, which is the gateway to Tarakhola rural municipality, has seen a significant increase in the arrival of domestic tourists in recent times.

Locals say that around 12,000 tourists have visited it since last July. Sagar Gharti, a local, said that due to the rapid promotion of the waterfall and infrastructure development, tourists have started coming here.

He said that the rural municipality should build more infrastructure around the waterfall to attract more tourists. Gharti says that the waterfall, which was deserted until four years ago, now welcomes two more tourists every day.

“Earlier, this waterfall was overshadowed, only those who came to Tarakhola and the bazaar from Tarakhola used to see this waterfall, outsiders did not come, now many people have started coming, this has made the locals excited.”

He said that there are about 22,000 more tourists coming annually, but this year it has decreased due to long rains. “We didn’t think that tourists would come to this place, but when so many tourists started coming, the bottom of the waterfall was never empty.

If we could build a place to eat and rest here, we could have brought in more people,” said Gharti, President of Tarakhola Rural Municipality-1 Yama Bahadur Sris said that to attract visitors, a swimming pool, a garden, and a resting place have been built around the waterfall.

“The waterfall is attractive, we have been engaged in its development and promotion ever since we came as a representative of the people, and we are still doing it now,” President Sris said.

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