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October 18, 2022

Trekkers in Himalayan region on the rise

  • Gyanendra Neupane 
With the arrival of autumn, the number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Himalayan trek in Rasuwa has gradually started to increase. 

After the corona virus infection dwindled, the tourists have started to see an increase after more than 50 daily arrivals on an average.

The hotels and lodges in the Himalayan region, which have been devastated by Corona, have started to operate and the tourism professionals have started to provide services to the visitors and guests in a cheerful manner.

According to the recent records of Langtang National Park, the participation of women as domestic tourists to visit Gosainkund and Langtang area during the trek has also increased.

According to the park official, out of 13084 tourists who traveled internally and externally in the current financial year, 2846 were women.

Nitendra Singh, Forest Technician of the Langtang National Park Office, informed that among the visiting women, there were 2,297 natives and 549 foreigners.

It has become easy to determine the number of visitors by increasing the number of visitors to the park area and deploying staff at the trekking entrance to collect the entrance fee as per the rules. Among the foreign tourists who have arrived, 67 people from SAARC countries and 1,259 tourists from various countries including America, Germany, Japan, Korea, and Australia visited the park.

In accordance with the legal provision of charging Rs 100 per person for Nepalese, Rs 1500 for citizens of SAARC countries and Rs 3000 for citizens of other countries, more than Rs 500,000 have been collected from entry fee in the space of two months and 29 days of the current year.

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