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October 18, 2022

‘Visit Sauraha’ campaign to attract domestic tourists

The businessmen of Sauraha, a tourist area of ​​Chitwan, have started an internal tourism promotion campaign.

As Sauraha became deserted even during the festival, the businessmen started preparing for the ‘Ghumaun Sauraha’ campaign.

After the campaign, the number of tourists in Sauraha increased. This year too, after the festival is over, Sauraha businessmen are preparing to reach all the seven provinces of the country saying “Go to Sauraha again”.


Deepak Bhattarai, President of Regional Hotel Association Sauraha, said that they are preparing to conduct a nationwide campaign to increase domestic tourists in Sauraha.

He informed that although the plan is to reach all seven provinces of the country this year, the campaign will be conducted in five provinces in the first phase.

Naresh Giri, the president of Restaurant and Bar Association Nepal Sauraha, said that there has been a slight increase in the number of tourists in Sauraha and that the ‘Visit Sauraha’ campaign will increase domestic tourists here.

“If it continues to grow at this rate, the flow of tourists here will be good”, he said, “Due to the election, the tourist arrival will decrease for some time, but it will increase after the election.”

He said that due to the recent economic recession in the country, the tourism sector has not been able to function. He said that Nepal’s tourism sector cannot return to its old rhythm until Chinese tourists come to Nepal.

He says that even though the road network connecting Chitwan with other districts is not good, the tourism here has not become more sustainable.

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