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October 20, 2022

Things to do before climbing mountains

If you are a novice and want to know more about what to do or learn before climbing a mountain peak, the following tips would be suitable to follow.

Take a mountain class to learn about the basics of mountaineering

You should join a mountain class to know about the basics of the mountaineering field. There are clubs that impart rigorous training about climbing. Several training centers are also open to train those who wish to climb mountains in the future.

Getting yourself in climbing shape

Mountaineering demands physical strength and stamina. So start developing your physical stamina to bear the strain while climbing peaks. It may take around 3-6 months for the training period to learn about the basics of mountaineering.

Go hiking with a weighted pack

You must go hiking uphill with a loaded pack on your back to build your climbing muscle and physical conditioning. Once you join an alpine club they will train you how to do it.

Getting all required mountaineering gear

You should come in contact with a mountaineering gear store where you can get all types of climbing gear to put on such as spikes, ropes, crampons, boots, ice axe, etc.

Choosing a suitable climbing route as per your skill level

A suitable climbing route as per your skill level should be chosen to make your mountaineering successful.

Find out if you need a permit to climb the mountain

You should also take a permit to climb mountains and hire a good professional Sherpa as a guide to guide you through difficult climbs.

Partner up with more experienced climbers.

Choosing to partner with experienced climbers will be an added advantage for you to climb.

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