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October 23, 2022

Growing attraction to mountain flight

  • CB Adhikari
Mountain flights by helicopter
Mountain flights by helicopter (file photo)

Kathmandu: When the sky is clear with improved weather, it is suitable for trekking and sightseeing.

It is more suitable for the mountain flight that delights domestic and foreign tourists in Nepal. They relish scenic views.

Different airlines have been operating mountain flights enthusiastically as this is the tourist season and the weather has become favorable.

Private airline companies–Buddha Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Shree Airlines, Guna Air, and others have been operating mountain flights. The spokesperson of Yeti Airlines, Sudharshan Bartaula, said mountain flights were in operation thanks to the favorable weather.

He mentioned, “Number of mountain flights has increased all of sudden. There is a good booking for a mountain flight till Tihar. We believe that the trend of booking for mountain flights will increase.”

Similarly, the Information Officer of Buddha Air, Dipendra Karna, shared that attraction to mountain flights has increased this season. Karna opined, “Number of mountain flights has upped with the clear sky.

Many foreigners visit Nepal during this season. Attraction towards mountain flights in winter season increases as there is no cloudy weather in this season and one can easily view mountain ranges under the clean serene blue sky.” The Buddha Air operated four mountain flights today alone while it was eight flights last Saturday”.

Similarly, Yeti Airlines has been operating more than two mountain flights daily. October, November, and December are suitable months for the mountain flight.

Hotels located in tourist destinations are crowded with domestic and foreign tourists in this touristic season, said the first Vice-President of the Hotel Association of Nepal, Binayak Shah. Mountain flight is operated from 7:00 am from Tribhuvan International Airport.

Buddha Airlines and Yeti Airlines have determined Rs 15,000 fare for mountain flights for domestic and Indian tourists. It is 230 US dollars for the citizens of other countries.

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