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October 31, 2022

161 climbers climbed Mt Manaslu

Kathmandu: One hundred and sixty-one climbers have climbed Manaslu Himal (8,163 meters) in this year’s autumn season.

According to the tourism department, 77 foreign and 84 Nepali climbers have reached the peak of Manaslu. Vigyan Koirala, an officer of the department’s mountaineering branch, informed that 404 foreigners have taken permission to climb Manaslu this season, and 77 have climbed it.

Along with foreign climbers, Nepalese Sherpa helpers have also reached the peak of Manaslu. He said that the climbing of Manaslu this season is over and the climbing of other mountains is continuing.

It is said that the number of climbers that reached the peak of Manaslu is slightly less than the previous year. This time, when the Manaslu climb was about to begin, an avalanche occurred above the Manaslu base camp. One person was killed and some climbers were injured when an avalanche fell on Manaslu mountain recently.

Mount Manaslu lies in Chumanubri Rural Municipality of North Gorkha and is the eighth-highest mountain in the world. Manaslu belongs to the Mansiri mountain range. Manaslu climb is considered attractive in this season. As more snow accumulates in spring, the Manaslu climb is considered suitable for autumn.

In the spring season, more mountains are climbed, including Mount Everest. According to the details of the mountaineering branch, a total of 404 people, including 79 women and 307 men from 38 climbing groups, had taken permission to climb Manaslu this season.

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