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October 31, 2022

12 teahouses of Makalu base camp trek

  • Birat Anupam

The trek to the fifth tallest peak on the planet, Mt Makalu, is a fascinating idea. The approximate two-week long trek, Makalu Base Camp (MBC) is one of the least trekked Himalayan base camps in Nepal. MBC is equipped with good teahouses and hotels.

There is good availability of accommodation and logistics along the MBC route. There are mainly 12 venues for accommodation along the trekking route. These teahouses have average quality for both food and accommodation for trekkers.

Num is the gateway to the Makalu Base Camp. The road connecting the district headquarters of Sankhuwasabha, Khandbari to Num is the ultimate road that exists along the way to the MBC trek. It is located at an altitude of around 1500 metres.

There are plenty of hotels and teahouses in Num. Kopila Hotel and Sherpa Guest House are some noted teahouses in the bazaar. The bazaar is also the entry point to two other important areas like the working site of the Arun-3 hydropower project and the Kimathanka border crossing.

Num is the headquarters of the local government named Makalu Rural Municipality and the ward headquarters of ward number five. The walking starts from Num. Before Num, trekkers would have to trek from Khandbari via Chichila and Deurali.

Seduwa is the first camp after a half-day walk from Num. It is also at an altitude of around 1500 metres from sea level. Seduwa hosts an entry point of Makalu Barun National Park for climbers and trekkers of MBC. It has some good local homestays and other accommodation facilities.

There are six registered homestays giving good accommodation and meals. Solar power is the only available electricity facility in Seduwa. In times of foggy days or heavy downpours, there might be woes of electricity just to charge a mobile phone.

Tashi Gaun This Himalayan hamlet is the last available village along the MBC route. It is reached after a day’s walk from Seduwa while some fast-paced walkers can come directly from Num. Its altitude is 2200 metres from sea level. Having been enveloped with Sherpa culture and traditions, Tashi Gaun has touristic magnet to attract all visitors.

There are six registered homestays in the hamlet. Tashi Gaun is the best Sherpa hamlet for a firsthand experience of the typical Sherpa community. Danda Kharka Danda Kharka for general trekkers is the venue to have lunch after a morning walk from Tashi Gaun. Some trekkers stay overnight also. It is located at an altitude of around 2800 metres from sea level.

Two teahouses offer services to the trekkers. Khongma Located at an altitude of 3500 metres from the sea level, Khongma, is the first major stop after the nearest hamlet of Tashi Gaun. There are three teahouses in Khongma. Many trekkers having high altitude issues start feeling some symptoms of High-altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) and High-altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) feel it here. Thulo Danda (Shipton Pass).

This venue is located at an altitude of 4200 metres from sea level. Locals call it Thulo Danda but foreigners call it Shipton pass. Shipton pass is named after famous climber Eric Shipton. There are two teahouses in Thulo Danda.

Trekkers do stay here for their daytime meals. Dobato Dobato is located at around 3400-metre height. There is only a teahouse in Dobato. Trekkers generally come to stay here after a daylong trek from Khongma. Fematang is located at an altitude of 3483 metres from sea level. Barun river flows through the edge of this location.

There is only a teahouse in Fematang. Yangle Kharka Yangle Kharka is not just the venue for the MBC trek; it is also the base camp of the famous Shiva shrine of Shiva Dhara. It is located at an altitude of 3600 metres. There are three teahouses in Yangle Kharka. Like Fematang,

Yangle Kharka is also located on the bank of the Barun river. Tadosa Three-hour walks from Yangle Kharka, Tadosa is the lunchtime venue along the MBC trek. There is only a teahouse in this area. It is located at an altitude of 3800 metres.

Langmale It is the second last camp along the MBC trek route from Num. There is only a teahouse in this area located at an altitude of 4410 metres from sea level. Trekkers return to this venue after reaching the MBC.

Makalu Base Camp Makalu Base Camp is located at an altitude of 4870 metres. However, trekkers have to descend to the base camp from around 5000-metre altitude. There are three teahouses in the base camp. Mt Makalu is clearly visible from the base camp. The Everest base camp does not have peak views. However, Makalu Base Camp does have clear views of the summit of Mt Makalu (RSS).

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