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November 2, 2022

Beldhunga sees increasing domestic tourists

Kathmandu: Mobility of domestic tourists has increased in Beldhunga – a tourism site of Baglung.

The number of tourists turning up to Beldhunga has upped after a wider publicity and the construction of tourism infrastructures.

Beldhunga is located along the border of Baglung’s Kathekhola rural municipality-3, Dhamja Okhale, and Myagdi’s Beni municipality-3, Bhakimli.

The Gandaki province government and locals had joined hands for the development of physical infrastructure in Beldhunga which remained in the sorry state of affairs after a landslide took away its upper part.

Now it has become easier for the tourists coming to Beldhunga with the arrangement of homestay at Okhale in Dhamja. Ramesh KC of Jaimini municipality said it was delightful and encouraging to come to the area. “I came to know about the zone through news and social media but it was more beautiful than what I heard.”

Trekking arrangement and scenic beauty of Himalayas attracted me a lot”, he narrated his experience. Construction of new structures following demolition has increased its attraction. Trekking route with stone-made rallying, entrance gate, notice board, and natural view tower of Beldhunga have made the tourism site more alluring.

Visitors can enjoy seeing the Himalayan range and other high-hill areas from Beldhunga. Beldhunga now has been recognized as a tourism hotspot across the country.

Locals of Baglung and Myagdi had not only changed the structure of the place but also made it an identity marker of the area (rss)

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