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November 4, 2022

Shiva Dhara: A must-go place in MBC trek

  • Birat Anupam
Kathmandu: Based on religious rituals, Shrawan (mid-July to mid-August) is the perfect month to make footfall at the Shiva Dhara shrine of Sankhuwasabha.

Of late, this trend has changed thanks to its emergence as the must-go place along the Makalu Base Camp (MBC) trek route. Yangle Kharka, located at an altitude of 3600 meters is the base camp for Shiva Dhara shrine, which is located at an altitude of 4310 meters on the scary cliff.

”These days, trekkers for MBC route spend an extra day to reach Shiva Dhara”, said local teahouse operators of Yangle Kharka, adding that trekkers going to Shiva Dhara are mostly Nepalese. ”Foreigners do not go for Shiva Dhara as they have safety issues and they are not Hindu devotees eager to do so”, said Dawa Chhiring Sherpa, a local of the Makalu region who runs a teahouse at Dobato.

He added, ”One Chinese had successfully run in the cliff way to Shiva Dhara which is supported by iron rods.” There are mainly three points to Shiva Dhara shrine, which includes Shiva cave, Parvati cave, and Ganesh abode. In Shiva cave, a constant waterfall emerges from the middle of the cave; the cave is situated just below the snow-capped Himalayan range.

In Parvati cave, there is a tiny cave. The cliff route from Shiva cave to Parvati cave goes through Ganesh’s abode. Hindu, Buddhist, and Kirat devotees have a religious attachment to the Shiva Dhara shrine, says Eaku Ghimire, a poet who has written an epic of his pilgrimage to Shiva Dhara in his recent volume titled ‘Dharani’.

From Yangle Kharka, it takes around a day to be returned from making the pilgrimage to Shiva Dhara, which lies in Makalu Rural Municipality-2 of Sankhuwasabha district of Province 1. It takes around two to three days to return from making the Makalu Base Camp journey.

From Num to Shiva Dhara, it takes around a weeklong uphill trek. For descending from Shiva Dhara to Num, it takes just half of the ascent time, say trekkers. Migur Sherpa, a recent MBC trekker from Dhankuta district said he was inspired to climb Shiva Dhara while returning from MBC trek. ”I had seen many exciting and adventurous videos online”, Migur remarked, adding, ”This inspired me to do the same. It was a scary and exciting journey.”/rss

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