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November 8, 2022

Rasuwa’s hotel business begin to flourish 

Kathmandu: The number of domestic and foreign tourists coming to enjoy the Himalayan natural and cultural heritages is gradually increasing in the Rasuwa district.  

Due to this, the financial situation of hoteliers has also started to improve. After the corona infection, the number of tourists has gradually increased recently and the businessmen who directly operate hotels and lodges and the farmers who indirectly increase the agricultural yield have also benefited.

Hotels and lodges in the Himalayan region, which were ruined due to the Corona crisis in the past, are now operational.  The tourist hotel business association is providing fast service to visiting guests. Locally produced vegetable dishes are enticing the tourists who arrived during the first season of October.

Local potatoes, radish greens, cauliflower, cabbage, and other vegetables including food are provided to the visiting guests as per the wishes of domestic and foreign tourists.  Bread is made from corn, rice, wheat, or flour, and food is prepared according to the wishes of the guests.  

According to the updated records of Langtang National Park, the participation of women as domestic tourists to visit the Gosainkund and Langtang area during the trek has also started to increase.  

Langtang National Park Forest Technician Nitendra Singh informed that of the total 14,393 domestic and foreign tourists who arrived from July to October 15 of the current fiscal year, about 3,000 tourists including domestic and foreign were women.

 Langtang National Park has implemented the legal provision of charging a fee of Rs 100 per person for Nepalese, Rs 1,500 for citizens of SAARC countries, and Rs 3,000 for citizens of other countries. .The visitors can enjoy the greenery seen in the autumn season in clear weather, wildlife found during the ups and downs of the trek, Langtang Himal, Gosaikund, Nepal’s first Tamang Museum at Dhunche, and the palace site of the historical Ghale Kinga, old monuments found on the way, Rocky Mountains, gurgling streams and local cuisine.  

More than 100 lodges and hotels are providing services for tourists in places like Dhunche, Syafrabensi, Bolsyafrau, Langtang, and Gosainkunda.  The operation of direct bus service from Kathmandu has greatly facilitated the arrival of guests going to Gatlang.

As part of the special security arrangements for all guests visiting Rasuwa, the Nepal Police as well as the Tourism Police Unit in Syafrabensi have also requested all guests to inform the police if security is required for the trip/rss


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