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November 10, 2022

Tourist attractions at Narayani beach hotels

Tek Raj Pokharel

Kathmandu: With the Dasain, Tihar, and Chhath holidays, the attraction of tourists is increasing in Narayani riverside hotels in Nawalparasi (Bardghat-Sustapurva).

Among the hotels in the district, the riverside hotels are preferred by tourists, businessmen say. Basant Parajuli, the owner of ‘The Narayani Resort’, which is operating in Gandakot-1 of the district, said that the arrival of guests at the hotel has started to increase now.

“With the holidays of Dasain, Tihar, and Chhath, the arrival of domestic and foreign tourists has increased in the hotels here”, he said.  According to Parajuli, tourists tend to focus on riverside hotels for the scenic view from the banks of the Narayani River.

Santosh Rana Magar, President of the Hoteliers’ Association Nawalpur, said that as tourists come for jungle safari, jeep safari, boat safari, etc., hotels on the banks of Narayani river are their choice.  “Tourist activities such as jeep safari, trekking, and boat safari in Narayani are held in community forests along Narayani river, including Amaltari and Pithua.”

Rare animals such as one-horned rhinoceros, peacocks, bears, and deer can easily be seen in forest safaris, so the arrival of tourists is good now. ” Rana Magar further said that there is a plan to make a systematic tourist destination by including the religious places, natural heritage, and tourist spots in the district.

Rana Magar also added that out of about 800 hotels in the district, only 200 hotels are operating on the Narayani shore. There is 70 to 75 percent occupancy in all the hotels on the Narayani shore.

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