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November 20, 2022

Pilgrims throng to Baraha kune daha

  • HB Kham

Ghorahi Dang: Hundreds and thousands of domestic as well as Indian pilgrims throng to famous Baraha Kune daha or Lake with 12 corners located at Ghorahi Sub Metropolis -13 in Dang district since ages.

This lake is one of the prominent pilgrim sites for the religious devotees who come from various neighboring districts such as Salyan, Pyuthan, Rolpa and Rukum and mostly the Indian pilgrims who visit this lake while going to visit Swargdwari temple.

The significant importance of the Barahakune daha gets more amplified as this lake is closely associated with the most revered worshipping temple or Brahathan of this region.

Though the place of worship is known as “Barahathan”, it can not be separated from the Barahakune daha as both entities are related to one another here.

Barahakune daha or lake has provision for visitors to roam around the lake in a boat and the spot around this lake and Barahathan is famous for picnic spot for the public in the town.

Once in a year with the beginning of the Nepali month of Magh an annual fair is held here for at least three days during which thousands of local people as well as people from surrounding regions plan to visit this fair.

The Barahathan (temple) which is historically and culturally associated with Kham speaking people of Rolpa and Rukum is equally venerated by the local Tharu people as well as people of other  communities, who usually come here to offer sacrifice of sheep in the name of Baraha deity to appease the local deity for fulfilling their wishes which was asked from the deity in the past.

There is a protection committee that is working to build extra infrastructures in this area so that its beauty and attraction can be further extended for more tourists and pilgrims to visit it in future.

Gharity clan can only be the priest of this Barahathan. So, Jasramn Gharty’s son is the main priest here now. The people also believe that this temple or Barahathan is the place of worship for the youngest Barahas out of 12 Baraha brothers who had spread across the region in the primordial days. The eldest brother is said to be living in Jalala than in Rolpa district, while other brothers live in different places.

But the simple fact about this temple is that everyone whether Hindu, animist, Shamans, or Buddhist can visit this place of worship. People continue to throng to this place of worship and lake to fulfill their wistful desires because the local people believe that if anyone asks for anything from this Baraha deity his or her wishes are fulfilled soon.

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