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November 21, 2022

One must see beauty of Rupa Lake in Pokhara

Natural beauty is one of the elements that invariably touch the heart of everyone including those even tyrant rulers in the world.

Natural beauty in fact does not vanish from its raw form. It continues to persist despite various adverse environments that encompass it.

If you are a real observer of natural beauty then you are welcome to come to Nepal and visit Rupa Lake (Rupa Tal) located on the outskirt of Pokhara Metropolitan at Rupa Rural Municipality of Kaski district.

Rupa Lake will certainly provide a rare glimpse of what it takes to see a freshwater lake in Nepal that will mesmerize you and cast a spellbound effect upon you to make an indelible imprint upon your fragile mind.

This lake is the third biggest lake in Pokhara valley of Nepal situated at an altitude of 600 m covering an area of about 1.35 km² with an average water depth of 3 m and a maximum depth of 6 m.

The lake is fed by perennial streams from north and south which is why it constantly looks afresh and beautiful with its magnificent look for the tourists arriving here to relish its beauty.

Around this fresh lake where boating can be done is endowed with more than 36 species of waterbirds, representing at least 19% of the total 193 wetland-dependent birds found in Nepal.

The bustling tourist lodges around this fresh lake can accommodate the tourists to make a rest for the overnight too and small type of restaurants found nearby can quench your appetite for thirst or hunger.

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