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November 22, 2022

300 to 400 domestic tourists visit Tharu Cultural Museum

Dang Ghorahi: At least 300 to 400 domestic tourists visit Tharu Cultural Museum located at Chakhuara in the Dang district near Tulsipur Sub Metropolis.

Tharu Cultural Museum presents Tharu cultural heritages, historical vestiges, Tharu Foods, and traditional attires and statues of the late Tharu King known as Dangisharan who ruled in Dang valley in ancient times.

Anyone interested in indigenous Tharu cultural heritage, traditions, attires, and historical vestiges can visit this unique museum and find various valuable information on Tharu Culture and Traditions here.

Though foreign tourists are less seen here, the visitors including school and college students on educational excursions usually come here to observe the social aspects of Tharu cultures here occasionally.

The Tharu museum is located around 9 km southwest of Tulsipur Sub Metroplos which lies in Dangisharan Rural Municipality-3.

Once you visit this site, you will be spellbound by the Tharu paintings, effigies of Tharu elders, Tharu cultural show, Rana Tharu’s photographs, jewelry, customs, ancient agricultural types of equipment, local Tharu foods, etc.

In fact, the museum offers a unique glimpse of diverse aspects of Tharu culture, tradition, and lifestyle that reflects the community life of Tharu people in general.

The Tharu museum park opens from 10 am to 5 pm every day with entry tickets to be booked before entering the park.

The museum has been set up at an exclusively separate and elevated place.

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