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November 23, 2022

What to see in Ilam?

Ilam is one of the famous hill stations that lies in the eastern part of Nepal in Province no -1, which everyone would love to visit and see nature in its infancy.

Ilam is elevated at an altitude from 3,636 m to 140 m and is internationally bordered by the Indian queen city-Darjeeling.

Of many things and tourist spots to see in Ilam, Mai Pokhari should not be eschewed. Mai Pokhari is a pond with nine corners. The pond or lake is resplendent with a dense forest of Juniper, Oak, and birch fir.

This region thrives with rhododendrons and orchids, and some unusual animal species such as red panda, musk deer, porcupine, leopard, and jackal.

Mai-Pokhari is also associated with Goddess Bhagwati for religious pilgrims. Devotees come here from India, Bhutan, and the adjoining areas of Jhapa and other districts of Nepal. Mai Pokhari is 18 km away from Ilam Bazaar and can be reached in a private taxi within 30 minutes drive.

Sandakpur in Ilam is also popular for views of the highest highest mountains in the world such as Mt Everest, Mt Kangchenjunga, Mt Makalu, Mt Lhotse, and Mt Kumbakarna.

Ilam is also well known for its tea gardens, and shrubs.

What to see in Ilam?

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