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November 24, 2022

Winter season sets in

Kathmandu: If winter comes, can spring be far away goes the famous saying by a famous poet? Yes, the winter season has already set in across the entire country.

The onset of winter season or cold climate is felt by everyone; The cold temperature is fluctuating inside the Kathmandu valley according to weather forecasting department of Kathmandu.

According to the division, the temperature has started decreasing by one to two degrees Celsius daily on an average across the country including Kathmandu Valley.

The minimum temperature of the Kathmandu has been recorded at 7.5 degree Celsius while the highest temperature recorded at 22.7 degree Celsius on the previous day only which indicates that it time to bask the sun and fire to drive away coldness.

The weather department also specified that the cold starts in the Nepali atmosphere with the influence of western wind. Since a few days ago, the daytime temperature is also decreasing by two to three degrees Celsius.

Similarly, the lowest minimum temperature of Jumla is minus 1.7 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature of Biratnagar is 28.8 degrees Celsius.

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