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November 25, 2022

Departed souls remembered through Bala Chaturdashi

People gather around Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu to offer lamps into the Bagmati River as a sign of remembrance for their departed family members through the ritualistic celebration of Bala Chaturdashi festival.

The people also engage in floating oil lamps on the river with the belief that this ritual and process will lighten the world of departed souls. So, the celebration of Bala Chaturdashi is meant for dead and departed souls of the family.

On this occasion, the family members usually remain awake overnight while camping on the edge of the River while facing the Pashupatinath Temple.

The people and devotees believe that the souls of dead people will get their salvation through these rituals.

The festival of Bala Chaturdashi commences from Marga Krishna Trayodashi, the 13th day of the waning moon. People eat only one meal and avoid eating garlic and onions, fish, and egg.

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