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November 29, 2022

Everest region appears desolate

Kathmandu: The world’s major tourist destination, the Everest region, is becoming deserted. With the end of the tourist season and the onset of cold weather, the Khumbu region is becoming deserted.  

Airports, hotels, lodges, camping sites, roads, and sightseeing spots, which were packed with tourists until recently, have become deserted as the season ends.

Due to the arrival of many tourists in the middle of the tourism season, even the hoteliers, who were in a rush to provide service, have now become leisurely.

Yangji Sherpa, a local hotelier, said that the number of tourists going out of the Khumbu area has increased, and the Khumbu area has become deserted at the moment.

Lamakaji Sherpa, a tourism businessman, said that now only a limited number of tourists can be found on the narrow footpaths that are crowded with tourists and porters.

Looking at the statistics from the Everest National Park office, 1,390 tourists have entered and 2,170 tourists have left in the last week.

Manoj Mandal, the information officer of the park, informed that in the peak season, up to 700 tourists enter Khumbu every day. As the number of tourists has decreased, the employees of the park check post have also become somewhat relaxed.

With the return of tourists, hoteliers are also moving out of the Khumbu area. Since tourism is the main source of income for the citizens of the Khumbu region, the hoteliers of this region leave the district in order to escape the cold as the season ends.

Working hard in the season and spending time in a fun, traveling, and sightseeing in the off-season has become a characteristic of the citizens here.

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