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December 14, 2022

Tea gardens for sight seeing in eastern Nepal

Tourism in Nepal is not confined to engaging in trekking, hiking, mountain expeditions, and river rafting only. You can also visit eastern Nepal to enjoy the sight of tea leaf collectors engaged in spacious tea gardens with their lips murmuring some sweet local songs.

The natural greenery all around the tea garden and the innocent faces of people will drive you crazy to find a different place, sight, and people that you may rarely see in any other parts of the world while traveling.

Offering tea to guests in Nepal is considered to be a way of expressing respect and hospitality. There are more than 100 tea gardens in Nepal of which the most attractive one can be found in eastern Nepal.

Hence, tea tourism is devolving as one of the potential tourism aspects that can also draw a number of people (both domestic as well as foreign tourists). When talking about tea tourism, the place known as Ilam becomes the most prominent and best of all destinations.

Tea tourism as one of the best destinations in Nepal could immerse foreigners to know about the whole process of production, grading, packaging, and marketing until it reaches the retailers.

A new experience, feeling, and emotions are raised in the individual after seeing this incredible and spectacular sight. The tea garden is suffused with the ethnic Limbu cultures and traditions and related festivals where you can participate as and when these events happen. The flora and fauna of this region will cast a spellbound upon you.

Accommodations: Accommodations are not a problem here as there are hotels and lodges for tourists where you can have a comfortable overnight stay.

How to reach the tea garden?

To reach the tea garden in eastern Nepal, you just need to take a flight to Bhadrapur, Jhapa from Kathmandu, and then make a five hours drive to Panchathar from Bhadrapur by vehicle. This would be an uphill drive around the tea garden where you can enjoy the beauty of the tea garden.

The trip may take around one week to return to Kathmandu from Bhadrapur airport. But you can extend your stay for more reasons once you are here.

If you have time and money, you can also drive to Siliguri an Indian town in West Bengal state too, and return to Kathmandu.

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