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December 18, 2022

ATV riding becomes new tourist activity in Pokhara

Kathmandu: A tourist city, Pokhara is also a city of adventure tourism. Apart from enjoying the beautiful city, tourists who come to Pokhara also enjoy various adventure tourism activities here.

Zipline, paragliding, bungee jumping, swing, and ultralight to mountain flight are enticing tourists in Pokhara. Adventure tourism activities in Pokhara attract domestic and foreign tourists as well as high-ranking officials, famous actors, and artists.

Recently, Bollywood actor Bivek Oberoi, who is visiting Nepal, has published pictures of adventure tourism zipline, swing, etc. in Pokhara.

In view of Pokhara’s attraction towards adventure tourism, investors in the tourism sector are also encouraged to invest in this direction.

Highground Adventure Nepal Pvt Ltd, which has been operating tourist activities such as zipline, bungee jump, swing, etc. in Pokhara, has recently launched ATV riding targeting tourists.

Dinesh Maharjan, director of the company, said that the ATV riding started by the company has increased the attraction of domestic and foreign tourists.

“Recently, the tourists coming to Pokhara are being attracted to the zipline, swing, bungee, etc. operated here”, he said,

During his visit to Nepal, Bollywood actor Bibek Obroi did zipline, swing, and other adventure tourism activities in Pokhara, which brought the adventure tourism of Pokhara more into the limelight.

In ATV riding, the four-wheeler wheel is designed to run smoothly on dirt roads. Rajesh Lamsal, an employee of the company, says that motorcycle riders can easily drive it.

He informed that the company, which has arranged to operate on the shores of Fewatal, will initially inform the tourists about its methods and procedures from the technician at the office in Sedi.

Stating that the company currently has eight ATV vehicles, he said that eight more vehicles will be added in view of the growing attraction.

ATV riding as a new tourism activity is expected to extend the stay of tourists in Pokhara.

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