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December 18, 2022

Dang becoming tourist spot

Zakhera Lake located in Lamahi Municipality-3 has started to develop into a tourist spot.

The lake, which is the best lake in Lumbini province, is spread over an area of ​​five and a half bighas. Lokmani Banjade, general secretary of the Zakhera Shivalaya Religious Tourism Development and Conservation Foundation, informed that people come to this lake for boating, feasting, and taking photos every day.

This lake has become the first priority of the state government and domestic tourists in recent days. Ramprasad Upadhyay, president of the Foundation, said that for the development of Zakhera Shivalaya, the federal government has allocated the budget.

Balkrishna Chaudhary, a local hotelier, said that along with the protection and development of the lake, there has been economic growth in the business of this area. The business has increased since there are boats on the lake and the management of forest picnic areas in the park.

Similarly, Kulpani Harit Udyan ( Kulpani Green Park) in Gadwa Rural Municipality-1 is also becoming a tourist destination. Baburam Adhikari, Ward President of Garhwa Rural Municipality-1 informed that 2 to 300 domestic tourists come every day.

Garhwa Rural Municipality has allocated a sufficient budget for the development of Kulpani Green Park this year, said the Ward President.

Similarly, Gadhwa rural municipality-8 Koilabas pass, which is connected to the border with India, is also attracting domestic tourists recently.

Khaliq Siddiqui, Ward President of Ward No. 8 informed that Indian tourists come every day to see the nearby mountains, to see the suspension bridge across the river, and climb the ‘view tower’ there. He says that when Indian tourists come to Nepal, it helps Nepal’s economy.

The Dharapani temple, situated at a distance of nine kilometers to the south of Dang headquarters-Ghorahi Bazar, is well known among domestic tourists and pilgrims.

This temple is known because of the tall Trishul. Bishnu Ram Acharya, Secretary of Pandaveshwar Mahadev Temple Management Committee and Ward President of Ward No. 5 informed that the federal, state, and local governments are allocating budget for the development of Dharapani temple in Ghorahi sub-metropolitan city-5.

After the advent of the provincial capital in Dang district and the sprouting of small hotels, homestays are paving the way for the region to be a hot spot for tourists in the region.

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