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December 19, 2022

Getting colder, caution advised

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Health and Population has requested everyone to be cautious as the cold weather increases in the valley and across the country.

The spokesperson of the Ministry, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Thakur has asked to be cautious as the outbreak of some diseases will increase during the winter months.

He has asked senior citizens, chronic patients, children, and pregnant women to be especially careful as the cold has been increasing for a few days. According to statistics, the temperature in Kathmandu Valley dropped to 7.6 degrees.

The ministry has asked people to wear light clothes to avoid cold, to protect their heads and chest from cold, and to wear light clothes like woolen blankets at night.

With the increase in winter, some districts of Terai have also started to get angry. Similarly, it has been requested not to stay outside the house for a long time, to eat hot food, and drink hot water.

According to the ministry, good air circulation should be arranged in the room when using a geyser for heating or fire.

“Because there is no arrangement of air circulation, in some cases there are accidents like suffocation,” he said.

Cold, heart disease, heart attack, breathing problems in the lungs, pneumonia, cold, and fever can be seen in children and senior citizens.

Similarly, the Ministry also urges people to pay attention to food as most diseases are spread through contaminated food and water.

The Ministry has requested to keep food and drinking water covered in clean dishes and wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before preparing food and before eating.

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