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December 20, 2022

10 tourists spots identified in Jhapa

Kathmandu: Nepal government has identified 10 more tourist destinations in Jhapa to enlist in its list of 200 new tourist destinations across the country.

According to the Department of Tourism, the government has already allocated Rs 480 million to promote new tourist spots in Jhapa.

The tourism promotion activities have been geared up in coordination with the local bodies. The new tourist spots include the following few spots.

  • Haluwagadh in Arjundhara
  • Domukha in Shivasatakshi
  • Kankai community botanical garden in Kankai
  • Science City in Bhadrapur
  • Bhegadhi Democratic Martyrs Memorial Park in Haldibarai
  • Sadhupati Falls and wetlands in Barhadashi
  • Kechana of Kachankewal
  • Korobari wetlands in Gaurigunj

Both domestic tourists and foreigners have been lured by these new spots. The development of more infrastructure and roads and hotel facilities is expected to attract more tourists in the days to come.

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