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December 29, 2022

Thrilling Api Base Camp Trek

Exciting, mesmerizing, and thrilling is the Api base camp trek which is just 4000 meters above sea level.
Though the peak of Api Himal is 7132 meters high, you can enjoy the trek to its base camp with moderate effort and less experience.
 Since this mountain peak is located in the Darchula district of Nepal in far western Nepal, the experiences you will have will be totally diverse and different from the experience of other base camp treks in Nepal.
 This trek will give you peaceful and scenic glimpses of natural beauty. The trek becomes further spectacular when you will be able to see Mt Api (7132m), Mt. Kapchuli (6,850 m), Mt. Rajama (6,537m), and Mt. Thado Dhunga Tuppa (5,368m) with Api ranges grinning in front of you and throwing challenges to vanquish them with your indomitable courage and stamina by reaching atop these peaks.
The flabbergasting flora and fauna including green vegetation, amazing valleys, captivating landscapes, gorges, waterfalls, rivers, and murmuring streams continue to tickle your ears and refresh your mind during the trekking.Some of the remote hidden museums, temples, and monasteries that you may come across might be rare and attractive to you. The hospitality that the local people will give you will be another incredible way of meeting guests in this region.

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