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December 30, 2022

Makalu base camp trek

Makalu base camp which is elevated at 5100 meters above sea level offers a very challenging but spectacular trekking experience for any trekker.

Makalu is the fifth highest peak in the world But it has facilities of tea houses for accommodation. Ever since Eric Shipton first trekked into the region, the base camp trek has lured hundreds and thousands of trekkers.

The trail leading up to the base camp of Makalu enables you to come across beautiful flora and fauna suffused with the pristine wilderness of Makalu Barun National Park and the intensive magical petrifying beauty of Makalu Barun National Park can be more attractive.

Though the trekking is challenging but is also rewarding as well. Crossing four high passes is a very exciting experience. This high pass includes Shipton La (Eric Shipton’s original expedition route) three of which are over 4,000m, but stunning too.

The final walk toward the Makalu base camp is the most scenically spectacular walk-in anywhere in the world. As you reach the Makalu base camp, then the massive presence of Makalu peak beckons you toward it and you will have to muster up courage and stamina to reach atop Makalu peak which is 8416 meters.

This is not enough. Makalu base camp also can be very stunning as you enjoy the rare panoramic glimpses of other magnificent Himalayas such as Mt Everest, 8,848m, Lhotse, 8,516m, Chamlang, 7,319m, and Baruntse, 7,129m.

The trek can be all the more thrilling and highly adventurous while being challenging. However, romancing with the plethora of natural beauty along the trekking trail can be very refreshing and rewarding for the trekkers.

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