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January 9, 2023

Helambu waiting for tourists

Helambu, a tourist spot in Sindhupalchok, once famous for its apples, is currently waiting for domestic and foreign tourists. In recent years, with the corona epidemic, the number of internal and external tourists gradually decreased.

From Kathmandu via Melamchi in Sindhupalchok 68 km to Sankhu Nanglebhare or an alternative route via Koteshwar-Banepa-Jirokilo-Sipaghant 109 km route to reach Kiulathimbu by means of transport.

Especially attractive hotels, guest houses, Langtang National Park, Melamchi River, geographical diversity, dishes made from local products, Hyolmo tribe customs, monasteries, Ghyang, Great tail, Palchok Temple are the main means of attracting domestic and foreign tourists in Helambu Rural Municipality.

Chairman Nimagyalzen Sherpa says that the number of tourists has increased after the construction of a 13-feet tall statue of Guru Rinpoche and a great tail at Nigale in Tapkhark, which is located at the attractive entrance of Helambu.

Helambu, which once had juicy and very tasty organic apples, is now not available. The local Karmatokpe Lama said that apples have stopped growing in the villages of Sermathan, Chhimi, Nakote, Tarkeghyang in Helambu.

Lama says that the rural municipality has been distributing kiwi, walnut, pear, and other plants as annual grants. Recently, almost all the farmers of Shermathan have been attracted to kiwi farming.

Local residents say that the number of tourists in Helambu, which is famous for religious tourism, is gradually decreasing.

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