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January 13, 2023

Enjoying river rafting in Trishuli

Rafting in Trishuli (file copy)

Kathmandu: Trishuli river near Kathmandu is famous for river rafting for both domestic and foreign tourists.

A drive of nearly four hours can enable you to reach the river side with the support of travel agents in Kathmandu. The travel agents will make arrangement of your accommodation, breakfast and lunch including overnight fun in one of the riverside restaurants or resorts made for the tourists.

If you are novice for river rafting, you will be given a lifesaving jacket to wear which will support you for survival in case you get dipped in the water.

The river rafting in Trishuli river is very exciting, spectacular as you come across impressive gorges, raging rapids, green paddy plains around the river.

The confluence of Bhote Koshi and Trishuli river makes a unique scene with fearsome looking gorges that are  visible along the way that leads to the Langtang Trek.

All other rivers such as the Buddhi Gandaki river and Marshyangdi  and Seti river mixing and mingling into Trishuli to make larger Narayani river which also makes it feasible for rafting.

The exploding waves and exciting rapids offer an all satisfying experience to anyone on this trip. All the rivulets and tributaries in combination ultimately merge into greater river known as Indian Ganges as it crosses the Nepal border and enters into India territories.

Once you are in Nepal you can explore these wilderness and excited moments filled with adventures and escapades.

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