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January 15, 2023

Cruiseship on Narayani River

Kathmandu: Rhino Water Entertainment Company has announced that the cruise ship will be operational on Narayani river.

The cruise ship was tested two years ago. The company said that due to the covid epidemic and some policy disruptions, it was difficult to put the cruise ship into operation.

According to the executive director of the company, Deepak Dhungel, the cruiseship is about to be operated after completing all the procedures. There will be a special cruising time on Sunday at 1 pm. A total of one hundred and eighty-four people can be on board the three-story cruise ship.

Passengers traveling on cruise ships are insured for one million. Dhungel informed that the ticket for boarding the cruise ship is Rs 700, the breakfast cruise is Rs 1,500, the lunch cruise is Rs 2,000 and the dinner cruise is Rs 2,500.

There is a cruise ship station at Kavreghat, Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Ward No. 16, Dnyaneshwar Community Forest. Passengers can enjoy a cruise on the Narayani River for about an hour at a time.

Activities such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, wedding anniversaries on cruise ships can be celebrated.

Kandel informed that more than 15 million rupees were spent on the construction of the cruise ship. Permission has been taken for cruise operation up to 40 km. He informed that the route will be identified and the journey will be made accordingly.

A restaurant, a stage for events, a hall that can hold meetings and seminars, and a selfie point have also been built inside the cruise ship.

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