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January 16, 2023

‘Black box’ found, 38 bodies identified

Kathmandu:The black box of the crashed Yeti air in Pokhara has been recovered from the debris site on Monday morning according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

The black box contains ‘Flight Radar Record’ and ‘Cockpit View Record’ which will be very crucial in finding out the reason behind the plane crash in Pokhara.

68 bodies found, 38 identified

Meanwhile, it is said that 38 of the 68 bodies found in the plane crash have been identified. According to the Kaski police, 63 bodies were found on Sunday and 5 more bodies were found on Monday morning.

The search for the 4 missing persons continues. Due to the ship accident in the shallow part of Seti river at Pokhara-7 Gharipatan and Pokhara-15 Naigaon, there has been some problem in search and rescue.

According to the Kaski Police, all the bodies found have been kept at the Pokhara Institute of Health Sciences. A forensic expert has been taken from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

According to Chief District Officer of Kaski, Tek Bahadur KC, the bodies will be handed over to the relatives after the postmortem. A mortuary van and an ambulance have been prepared to hand over the body. KC said that there is a plan to send the bodies of unidentified, foreigners and Kathmandu residents to Kathmandu by helicopter.

Those identified are:
1. Nishant Acharya
2. Sangeeta Shahi
3. Dr. Sushil Shrestha
4. Dr. Sona Diwakar
5. Ryan Paudel
6. Always Mia
7. Lakshmi Paudel
8. Prashidhi Paudel
9. Arun Paudel
10. Purnakumar Gurung

11. Yukonjo (Korean Citizen)
12. Vijay Kumar Gurung
13. Rachana Kafle Paudel
14. Rakhi Gurung
15. Dr. Ganesh Thapa
16. Lakshmi Pariyar
17. Rita Pariyar
18. Hari Pariyar
19. Esmil Gurung
20. Poojan Thapa

21. Srijana Hongchen (Airhostess)
22. Tribhuvan Paudel
23. Mohan Prakash Shrestha
24. Juris Lezhin (Russian citizen)
25. Elina (Russian citizen)
26. Jeevankala Gurung
27. Jamuna Sharma
28. Shalikram Acharya
29. Son of Dr Sushil and Dr Sona
30. Bandana Sunar
31. Sita Gurung
32. Nira Chantyal
33. Anusha Gurung
34. Shivkumar Gurung
35. Raju Singh Thakuri
36. Anil Shahi
37. Pascal Alex Mandel (France)
38. Kamal KC (Captain)

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