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January 17, 2023

Lukum village becoming tourist destination

  • Dammar Budha Magar

Kathmandu: At the foot of the hills is located the village of Lukum. Dense settlement, own language and customs are the identity of this village. The tall pine trees on the side have added to the beauty of the village.

Until a decade ago, Lukum village was deserted. When mid hill highway was connected by the public road, the village became a tourist destination along with a wave of development.

Once the village was connected by the road, the remote place became accessible, and the beauty and tradition of the village proved to be an important destination for visitors.

Today, hundreds of domestic tourists arrive in Lukum village located in rural municipality-1 of East Rukum. After the public road was blacktopped three years ago, Lukum village has become the choice of many.

Prasad Pun Magar, a local, said that due to the easy road access and proximity from Rukum and Baglung, hundreds of tourists from Baglung, East Rukum and West Rukum visit Lukum village every day.

Punamagar says that the village has changed its face after being connected by the road. He said that earlier they had gone to a new place to shop for goods, and he said that he was happy that now many people are visiting their village. He says that mid hill highway has played a big role in connecting villages with tourism.

“Earlier, we used to spend a week to bring salt, oil and rice from Dang Tulsipur. At that time, going to that place was a problem for the villagers, but it is a fun to see a new place”, said Punamgar. “Nowadays, outsiders come to our village.”

Milan Budhamgar, who visited from Baglung, says that he visited Lukum village four times because it was very pleasant. He said that because he likes the houses built in uniformity, the original culture and lifestyle of the locals. He often visits Lukum village.

“Earlier, few people used to reach Rukum from Baglung, the road was not easy, it was difficult to reach on foot. But now you can reach Lukum from Nisikhola in two and a half hours. Lukum is the place to visit if you have a holiday”, he said. “This village is not only for domestic tourists, but also can become very attractive for foreigners as well, if the local residents can adjust the environment for foreigners. It seems that this place can become the best destination in the country,” he added.(RSS)

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