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January 22, 2023

Krapuhill beckons to play with snow flakes

Closure to the tourist town of Pokhara is Krapuhill (3,085 m). From this hill in Kaski district located in Madi Rural Municipality-2, you can see Annapurna IV, Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal. The snowcapped hill beckons everyone to play with the snowflakes these days.

Avalanches are also visible from Krapuhill. Landslides often occur between Annapurna II and Lamjung Himal. When landslides occur, the sound of the rocks make a noise.

Krapuhill is located at the head of Gurung village ‘Tangting’ which is known as a model destination for rural tourism. Hence, the trek offers an opportunity to enjoy the chirping of birds, the soothing sounds of wild animals, the forests, the sight of avalanches, the cool climate, the proximity to the mountains and the fascinating scenery of the beautiful villages.

Tangting (1,665 m) to Nauchudanda (2,047 m). Krapu hill is reached via Naulache (2,200m). Tented hotels open in Krapuhill provide normal food and lodging facilities.

Krapuhill can be visited throughout the year. In rainy season, you can see flowers and fog, mountains in October-October, and snow in November-February.

From Krapuhill one can trek to Khonlasonthar, the primitive land of the Gurung community, Ghalegaon in Lamjung, Dudhpokhri and Manang.

You can enjoy the sweetness of nature and culture by making a travel plan that includes a community homestay in Tangting village, a tent in Krapuhill and a one-night stay in Pokhara.

Known as a model destination of rural tourism, the intimacy of the villagers of Tangting fascinates everyone. It takes two to four days to stay there.

When traveling from Kathmandu, it is best to plan at least 4 days with the first stay in Tangting, the second stay in Krapuhill, and the third day stay in Pokhara. If you carry 10,000 rupees in your pocket, it is enough for bus fare, accommodation and food.

Booking homestays, tents and rooms is easy if you contact the tourist office of the destination before leaving for the trip. Over time, Krapuhill has been connected to the road network and the traffic there has increased.

How to reach Krapuhill?

Kathmandu-Pokhara 200 km. 6 hours by bus or 25 minutes by air. Kahunkhola-Tangting of Pokhara is 21 km. Public buses and jeeps run till Tangting-Krapuhill 10 km. walking when there is no snow. You can go to Krapuhill by motorbike or jeep too.

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